Four songs from the dozens I wrote and recorded around the year 2001 with poetry and musical expression that seemed utterly profound at the time. I was living in Korea at the time, switched guitars to my current acoustic, and had a lot of spare time.

These were recorded a year or so later in my brother J’s spare room at the end of the hall.

Track Notes

1) “Hesse Eco” – Texts by Herman Hesse and Umberto Eco on whether an artist should focus on the past or on the future. The voicing on guitar took months to smooth out. Man, did I have free time.

2) “Edmonton” – I’d just moved to Edmonton and was ecstatic. I searched for words to this melody about my new hometown, but couldn’t get past the first word, “Edmonton.” Eventually I stopped trying and dropped the text altogether.

3) “Korean Misanthropy” – Summary: a thin 20-something with tangled hair writes about the vanity of mainstream society.

I lived in Korea at the time. Thanks to currency exchange, I also had a 7-figure monthly income.

4) “My Life Was of Moments” – Summary: a thin 20-something with shaggy sideburns loves life and tries to express it.

Words by friend MP:

And then I knew that my life was moments
that kept on stealing each other
and I loved them with all my heart
but they would not stay
and I did not want them to