Honeyman is the name of a street in Winnipeg where a group of friends once sought the cheapest rent imaginable. In the basement of one Honeyman house many sounds were made and recorded, including the first four tracks of this album.

The final two tracks come from the following two years at different houses within the neighborhood. I believe they were also recorded using SN’s stereo tape recorder.

These tracks are getting close to 20 years old, almost as old as I was at the time of making them. I can still identify with some of what I had to say in those days, but many parts of these songs make me wonder who that guy was and what was in his head.

Track Notes

1) “Performance Song” – I was pretty earnest about singing.

2) “Funkin’ Hungry” – A survey of the food options at Honeyman house circa 1999. We had a good time, but didn’t eat very well.

“Stew from September” was PW’s novel idea for using leftovers that involved adding new ingredients to yesterday’s leftover stew to make a “new” meal. Day after day, week after week, you just kept adding to and eating from the same stew. This went on far too long.

3) “Watching From Afar” – A song from the days before I learned how to talk to people I wanted to meet.

Coloring the song’s concept of waiting, it takes until 2:54 before the low E string arrives. I don’t think I’d heard the opening to St. John Passion yet when writing this, but the concept isn’t that far off the mark.

4) “Ag Student’s Lament” – I don’t remember why I thought picking on ag students was funny.

5) “Watching My Friends Go Away” – From the days when college friends were beginning to follow paths leading away from Winnipeg.

These lyrics should be wholly incoherent to anyone other than me. To me, the lyrics are mostly incoherent by now too.

6) “The Saga of Ronald” – A tune from a McDonald’s tray paper circa 1999, likely modified some evening with Mike and Karl and too much time on our hands.

The organ is my first: a Galanti F-40 that I shall sadly never see again.