“Basement Classics” is a way to share my hobby with people who know me or who like basement-level recordings. My goal here is to have fun, not earnest musicianship or commercial appeal. I make these recordings in my spare time the same way others paint pictures or carve wood. This is a place to share my doodles.


I am completely to blame for all songwriting, lyrics, performance, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, and everything else. Sorry about that.

I’ve kept my name off the project because I don’t want strangers finding this if they look me up online. Music that sounds like ear wax to 99% of the population makes for a moldy first impression.

Why do solo recordings? I enjoy the challenge of shaping music from a concept to a shareable item. A side benefit is that I’m slowly getting better. For example, I’m now a mediocre audio engineer instead of a complete nincompoop.

Most of the music is intended for playback on full spectrum speakers. In other words, I haven’t mixed my music to sound good on any car stereo, earbuds, or mini-system. I’d like to call this a principled decision, but the truth is a little less flattering.

A final note: I’ve avoided MIDI and auto tune everywhere unless otherwise mentioned. As a hobby project, I’ve chosen the human element over software magic.

If you are one of the few people who like this music, great! Contact me through bandcamp if you don’t otherwise know me or if you have noise coming out of your basement you’d like to share.